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Mathematics is not just about being good at arithmetic and algebra but it does depend on them. The better your skills in arithmetic and algebraic processing the better will be your mathematics.

You should be able to perform “long multiplication” and preferably “long division”.

You should be very confident with negative numbers. Click “skills practise” to use the negative numbers pages

You must be able to calculate with fractions. Click “skills practise” to use the interactive fractions page.

You should know the prime numbers below 30 and the first 15 square numbers. Knowing the first four or five cube numbers will also help. Click on “explore ideas” to find out about prime numbers, the Goldbach conjecture and the fundamental theorem of arithmetic.

Also on “explore ideas” you can find out about the Fibonacci numbers and some related ideas.

The “maths tools” section has interactive pages for factoring numbers in different ways, simplifying simple algebraic expressions and solving simple equations, perform binomial expansions, illustrating the basic ‘trial and improvement’ method, exploring quadratics and long division including polynomial division.

The “maths videos” pages include video solutions of common GCSE and A level problems.

There are areas for “students” and “teachers” which include simple resources and downloadable software.



Simplify & solve


Long division including polynomi al division

quadrati cs

trial & improveme nt improvem ent

Golden ratio

Fibonacci multiples

Fibonacci numbers

Lucas numbers

Fundamental theorem

Goldbach conjecture

Prime numbers

Number sorting


A2 videos

AS videos

GCSE videos


Multiple choice

Negative numbers in formulas

Negative numbers

skills practise maths games

Match the cards

Match the  fractions



Try it and see what happens



Classify numbers

Standard form

Algebraic fractions

Mental maths

Demonstrate transformations

Investigate transformatio ns

Circle theorems

Two points


Demonstrate nets of solids


Investigate straight line graphs

Demonstrate linear graphs


Checkup angles

Prime factorisation


Checkup polygons

Checkup angles 2

Indian Ocean

C2 trigonometry