The city 平克尼 Michigan is an industrious and economically diverse city strategically located between the cities of Gregory and 惠特莫尔湖. This optimal location provides a perfect place for those who are seeking to invest in the real estate market. There are ample international companies that call the city of 平克尼 home, and for that reason the populous continues to grow. 目前有2个,000 plus residents here in 平克尼 and it is vitally important they find the appropriate affordable living arrangements for their needs. And if you have properties in need of tenants, you will find that hiring a property manager like the dedicated professionals at JMZ 物业管理 will make this process so much easier.

平克尼, Michigan finds itself west of 惠特莫尔湖 和南部 豪厄尔 and nestled near a few incredible parks and open land.  If you’re looking to stay away from the busy suburban lifestyle and want to be a little more relaxed then 平克尼 is a great place to call home.  The 平克尼 State Recreation Area is a jaw-dropping 11,000 acres with everything from hiking and biking trails to swimming and paddling to horseback riding and hunting.  It’s a paradise for backpackers and anglers and is a great way to spend the day or the weekend with family or friends.

When you live on the eastside of 平克尼 you’ll be near M-23 which can get you north to I-96 when you need to head eastward into metro 底特律 郊区或南部 安阿伯.  平克尼 has a charming downtown area that is in the midst of a development boom bringing more restaurants and shops into town.  They host a number of festivals throughout the year including parades, art fairs and more.

Whether raising a family or looking to settle down closer to nature, definitely see what 平克尼 has to offer.

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Residential property management can be time-consuming, especially when you aren't physically close to the location of the property. A local property management expert is the best solution for efficient and customer-centric contract execution, 财产放映, 收费, 法律问题, lobet乐博, and management of the general day-to-day needs of tenants. 我们将介绍奥克兰, 韦恩, 麦库姆, 瑙, and Livingston counties, which include the cities of Novi, 普利茅斯, 布洛姆菲尔德, or Birmingham and the surrounding 底特律 metro area.


Out-Market the 竞争

The more exposure brought to your property, the more likely you are to find qualified tenants for your property. We provide more than excellent customer service; we also offer an unlimited marketing budget. As an added value we use virtual tours on every home we market so prospective tenants spend more time viewing your property instead of that of your competition. Every competitive edge matters in this market.



JMZ 物业管理 uses a powerful online management software system that allows us to provide you with unprecedented service and transparency. No longer will you wonder what is going on with your portfolio. Our online owner portal gives you real-time access 24/7 through any web browser.


Full Service Michigan Residential Leasing & 物业管理

We manage the entire process from leasing and management to lobet乐博 of your property. All you have to do is relax and let us take the work out of being a landlord. With a 24-48 hour turn around time on communication, we give you the peace of mind that both you and your tenants will always have the best level of customer service available to you.

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JMZ is a full-service property management firm. Did you know that our company also invests in real estate? We take good care of our tenants, so we know how to take good care of yours, too. We will always manage your property with the same care as our own from tenant selection to move-out coordination, and everything in between.

We understand that owners sign management contracts to relieve the burden of managing a property. It can be a lot of work if the right systems and efficiencies aren’t already in place. We have had the time to build those efficiencies and create a management process that frees you to enjoy the revenue from your property without the stress.